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Title: The Time Traveler's Detective
Author: cerlian
Fandom: Sherlock BBC x The Time Traveler's Wife
Pairing: John/Fem!Sherlock
Chapter Rating: PG-16, I still have no clue
Warnings: Partial nudity and Sherlock being innuendoey
Length: 2,177 words (to be extended)


Title: The Time Traveler's Detective
Author: cerlian
Fandom: Sherlock BBC x The Time Traveler's Wife
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Chapter Rating: PG-16? Failsauce I have no idea
Warnings: Mentions of nudity and John's mild swearing.
Length: 1,144 words
Chapter Summary: Introductions.

Prologue...Collapse )

Well - that's it. I'm gone. Posting from Singapore; New Zealand behind me. (Or ahead, time-wise.)

Two years of the army. That's fine; a chance to bulk up is quite appreciated, actually.

Fei, I haven't forgotten your game. I just shipped it back accidentally, is all. >_< My mum will return it to you Aprilish. I apologize, deeply, sincerely.

Music is not actually appropriate, but what it actually implies, I also feel, so meh.

I miss New Zealand already. These two years are going to suck.
To all Americans: Your national anthem can be used as a sobriety test. The first verse is torturous enough to sing correctly that historically, it was. A sobriety test, that is.
I would think facing a Hufflepuff who has subscribed to Yoda would be the scariest of all things to face, in no matter what endeavor you were trying. A policeman...a rival...a partner. You know, someone who just keeps on doing and doing and doing.
There've apparently been problems where large numbers of people get together through FB and start huge drunk parties. Which is cool. But then people go, oh, the police can't keep up! Which is also cool.

And then they mention that the people use letterboxes to start bonfires. That is not cool, guys.

So maybe there should be some kind of police facebook - where large numbers of police can sign in to check out the next parties; if FB is used as some kind of party gathering, it's also a forewarning; and FB can gather large numbers of people faster than the traditional tech can gather large numbers of police, especially since most of them could be off-duty at that point in time.

Ooh, story idea.


There are times when superstition does come in handy. Or maybe it's just a recognition of unusual coincidences. Or something. Well, it's useful anyway.

So, I be going away to Singapore at the end of year, where I will spend the next two years trudgin' around in the tropical forest and shooting at things. Mostly mosquitoes. There's quite a lot of them. This ends a chapter of my life, if it were a book, in New Zealand, as it were, since I'm throwin' out the past (me mam and me sister are throwing out all my childhood stuff, so it's almost literally a new beginnin', a tabula rasa, to be pretentious, for me, wow, that's a lot of commas, when I get back. If I get back. If the mozzies don't get me first.) But yes. That. Simultaneously, NCEA, this bane of my life, is going through a complete refurbishment. Which will take place over two years. and also, my delightful high school which I am leaving, is changing up their uniform. Which will also take place over two years.

So basically, when I return, students from my ex-high-school will no longer be recognisable, the grading system that I (failed at) did will no longer be in use, and I'll be covered in mozzie bites.

Thus begins a new chapter of my life.

On the plus side, I will be immune to mosquitoes.





(icon is not appropriate, but kind of is. Because of the pencil. Yeah.)